While you wait or you can pick it up in a few hours. * Note; if you need parts (like a screen) this will not apply. I have to examine the part for model and manufacturer before ordering. After I receive the part then is the same or next day service.

Local Service

Screen Replacements

Replace screen from any manufacturer. Laptops, tablets, and phones start @ $89. *does not include the price of the replacement screen.

Virus and Trojan removal

Get rid of all you threats. I only use the most sophisticated tools in the market, used by top companies. Starting @ $75. *price varies on severity of the issue and your device speed.

Data Recovery

Recover any of your lost files. I only use the most sophisticated tools in the market, used by top companies and governments. Starting at $75. *price varies on size of data and device speed.

If you are experiencing any problems with your PC, MAC, Internet or Network. Don't drive yourself crazy, save time and effort.

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I will diagnose and repair your problem in no time


In house or business. I can travel to you. Starting @ $75. *depends on location and does not include the repair cost.

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Hardware Installations

Upgrade or replace any part (motherboard, cpu, memory, disk drive, video and audio cards, power supply). Starting at $75. *does not include the price of the parts.

OS Installs

I install and tweak your OS for maximum performance. Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux $75.


Troubleshoot your hardware and software for any issues. We go over the results and solutions for your device. $35.