Development, Design, Basic SEO, Maintenance

    On this the second project with Stuart, we discarded the old site and started from scratch. The design is product based with a call to action on the landing with no header. This forces the viewer to scroll down for product details. At the end of the page is the company info, links to the about page and the mats product page website (our first project). The about page has the company details and a call to action. We developed/implemented a keyword strategy and set up/manage back-links. Every week the checkup is done. It includes repair and optimization of the database, table sweep, core and plug-ins updates and back-ups.

Beyond Responsive

    Not only does it respond to the device, but added features for phone viewing. Stuarts potential customers are avid phone users due to the nature of their work. The site works on all types of phones, Galaxy, Iphone, LG, etc,. The easy access call button allows phone users to dial from the website and place their order.

Live view

     *Use the scroll bar to navigate the site

“Stuart XLam has been servicing the hard working men and women of the building industry for over 20 years. We mill our own scaffold planks to the highest standards right here in Bethany CT. We ship direct to you with our own fleet of trucks. Stuart XLam scaffold plank has been a unique design of scaffold plank in the industry for many years. Stuart XLam has taken the scaffold plank to a whole new level. Stuart XLam not only visually grades but mechanically proof test to meet and exceed OSHA/ANSI standards. Stuart XLam’s manufacturing process starts with the highest quality lumber.”
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