As always He began by cracking His Brad Pitt jokes. Then He proceeded, I can’t get online with this laptop and I need you to add some tracks to my website.

Well that’s a simple order and in no time we got it done. The smile on His face said it all. You see Steve is licensing music. His website plays a huge role in pitching and of course He needs to be online. But most of all He needs to stay stress free as much as possible, so He can do what He does.

Sounds simple, but a lot of entrepreneurs are not so lucky. On top of dealing with all the intricate aspects of their business. They have to troubleshoot or outsource, which can get pricey. And as much as I would like I can’t help them all. It is fortunate that there’s plenty of qualified specialist. Make sure before you sign any contracts that you’re a fit. Not only on a work level but also on a personal level. This will increase your chances for success.

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