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It is starting to look like 2017 is going to be explosive for technology. I know, I know the last decade has been great for tech, I might be wrong, but it seems like is going to get a whole lot better.

On websites, the ticker has not deviated from growth. Check out the live internet stats for a clearer view on my point. Apps are heading down the same road, explosive growth. There seems to be no end to sites and apps. There’s over a billion websites. The market has become products and services for people or companies online. We can see this clear with Word Press, a content management system with over 300 million users. Plus third party companies creating plug-ins, modules, themes. The market place has become full of Word Press experts. The demand has caused considerable price drops not only for development. For content, marketing, advertizing and about anything to do with websites or apps.

Thus said, is amazing how some website / app start ups are getting 20k to 100k in seed funding. Especially when proto-typing has become so easy and affordable. Some funding companies (Angels, VC’s, etc.) are using third parties to shop for start-ups. Third parties are holding events, where is pay to pitch. They have turned funding into a profitable business. The few investors I know laugh at this and always suggest to never pay to pitch or spend monies on events. But to focus everything on the product and / or service. This is great advice especially in a world where the competition is about to become more fierce.

A clear view of what’s actually happening in the ever changing internet will help us stay ahead of the game. I suggest you do your best to keep up and get to the leading edge, that’s where all the winners hang out. If you are already there CONGRATS! But you still have to keep up or you will lose sooner than later. Wishing you all the best in 2017.

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