Content marketing is one the greatest strategies to get not only traffic but conversions to your products and services.  The most common mistake that I see from big or small players, is the no value added to the content. Which in turn is not really content marketing is just plain marketing. I.e. Have you ever down loaded free e-books or read articles that are just about the product or service and testimonials? Self proclaim gurus are known for this kind of tactic. They claim they have achieved some kind of success, but are just selling with the law of averages.  (BTW the law averages states that for a hundred people you pitch you will get ten customers)Maybe that’s why they get some customers, if it is true what they claim. But it is my opinion that most savvy people see this as misleading. For those who are not so savvy. Don’t be a fool and follow their tactics. That is if you really want to do content marketing.

Content marketing works really well when done correctly. Simply put, just add value. Your customers will love you for it, plus trust you more. There are plenty of good free resources online to develop the skill of content marketing. With a few hours a day you can easily master it.

Best wishes and much success

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