Finally Chris Malloy raised sufficient funds in his kick starter campaign to bring the hover bike to market and set off  the future of transportation today. .

This idea has picked up momentum and no wonder in the age of gadgets people can fulfill their Star Wars fantasy. Watch out Luke Skywalker nobody is directing traffic. No stop signs or stop lights. The insurance would not only have to cover collisions but falls also. The aviation authorities are going to have a field day with this one. But aside from it practically for city use this could be a really fun recreation vehicle if you live in the middle of nowhere.  Just don’t sell one to Adrian Peterson.


The hover bike could really take off with a mainstream marketing campaign.  I.e. have Rick Perry flying around in Texas with a bottle of Jack Daniels and call it the flying horse. Give Pizza Hut one for a faster delivery service. Get some endorsements from stars like Derek Jeter, he likes selling transportation or maybe the Kardashians their always looking to endorse anything if the money is right. Another great endorsement would be if they get it a custom one with gold, silver and of course pink to have Nicki Minaj do a music video with it. The possibilities are endless. Maybe they can get the new Amelia Earhart to fly one from the UK to the United States. Who knows they might just put GM and Elon Musk out of business unless of course they start making flying cars. We will just have to wait and see. Who knows the hover bike might just be ahead of its time like Nikola Tesla and bring us the future of transportation  today. I can’t wait to try one and start cruising down the beach.

Hover rider

The British are Coming! Watch out!

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