The June oven claims that you can cook like the pros. Now that’s a bold claim.

No matter how smart the oven is still just an oven. What you put into it is what counts. The recipes of any dish are more valuable. We all seen great recipes done outdoors by pros with a couple pots and wood fire. Never mind what you are able to do with your conventional oven or counter top oven in this case. All recipes include the time to bake. Watch this one minute video claim below.

So why Do I need the camera, sensors, a super computer, an app?

These people are crazy but not just them their backers. They just got 22 million in funding and the product is not in the market yet. Yes it looks like their all in cahoots and some might think they’re on drugs too. How many pre-sales do you need to justify that kind of investment? Does this product stand a chance? Maybe is just for the rich geeks because for 1,495. Seems unlikely that it would go main stream. When you can get a counter top oven for less than a hundred dollars in best buy. The pro counter top ovens with all the bells and whistles range from four to eight hundred dollars. Why would I buy this one?
June app

Hackers are going to have a field day with this one.

Just like the camera door bells. Now the Internet of things is not a complete failure. Products like the Nest thermostat makes more sense than this oven. I have to admit the June oven it’s kind of neat but not neat enough to buy or invest in. Here’s the Crunch Base profile link. Check out the founders and people backing them.

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