The number one drug in the world is getting a big boost and so are the farmers that produce the magical beans we all love. Enter the Magical coffee machine

The six month process we have today to get coffee on our tables just got cut down to practically days, now that’s fresh coffee. Bonaverde has hit it out of the ball park this is better than watching Derek Jeter play. You going to love the process, basically they set up a platform where you can order fresh green beans from the farmers you then take those beans and throw them in the Bonaverde and the Magical coffee machine  roasts the beans, grinds them, and then brews it for you now it doesn’t get easier and fresher than that. You got to love it that is if you love fresh coffee.

The Magical Coffee Machine
The Magical Coffee Machine

Their taking pre-orders on their site I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these babies. The only things I find questionable is after 135 proto-types did they finally get it right? In their kick starter campaign last year they were shooting for 135,000.00 and they raised 681,481.00 why do we have to pre-order? If you look at their kick starter campaign and their site you will notice two completely different machines, what’s the deal? Still making proto-types with that money? Either way I’ll wait a little longer till they work out the kinks and make it as good as gold then I’m running faster than Ray Rice for one.

The Magical Coffee Machine
The Magical Coffee Machine

Please keep in mind that the Magical coffee machine is what I choose to name Since Bonaverde has not given their baby a name.


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