Anyone can own a drone. Now we can spy on the world.

That of course is not the intended use of the air-dog. For the sports enthusiast and film producers, the air-dog is the perfect tool to get awesome flight shots. You don’t have to be Einstein to get this baby up and going. It basically flies itself and follows you around. In the video above you’ll be able to see all the capabilities and possibilities of use.  It would be great if we can pick up an air-dog at Wal-Mart or the Home Depot.

The US Congress is going to have a field day with not only the air-dog and all consumer drones, but with how relative ease anyone can build one. Maybe their fear might be; that now people can spy on them and who knows, even spy on the CIA or on each other.  The FAA regulations are very clear of the Do’s and Don’ts. You can find the list here. Jeff John Roberts recently wrote a very informative article “FAA scrambles to control consumer drones, but its legal case is shaky” is a quick read.  Let’s hope the aspiring aerial spies realize that privacy folks, even in public places, will find it offensive and attempt to / or destroy it. Let’s not forget the Google glass incident.

Helico Aerospace Industries US LLC is not the only up and coming company innovating on consumer drones. Easy Drone by Ivan Stamatovski is another affordable solution.

No matter the Politics or Policies i.e. “3DRobotics temporarily stops shipments outside of US and Canada” or the FAA “Fact Sheet – Unmanned Aircraft Systems “ The drones are here to stay, and I don’t mean just the ones that fly. The fun has begun.





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