Drones and more drones does it ever end?

Dreamqii has developed the ultimate drone. I really like this one because of all the features. A while ago I wrote about the air dog which is a drone that follows you around just like a dog. Back then I thought that was the most awesome feature to have. But now with the plexidrone I realized that they have surpassed all the competitors. This drone is packed with awesome features. Like mapping the route with gps, super compact and portable, the fastest and easiest assembly I have seen so far, durability and the ability to upgrade and many more where you can check out in their site here.

The company went from an incubator, to an indiegogo, to funding. With pre-order model seems that there are never going to get stuck with a warehouse of unsold drones. PR news wire has a great description on the company here.

plexi drone animation

I can’t wait to get mine and start filming.

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