The internet of things has given us just about everything smart. What’s left? Maybe the smart toilet paper?

Some are so ridiculous that I find it hard to understand how they even got funding.  Never mind how they are in the market . But every so often we get a good one and BlueSmart in my opinion is one of those.

Your carry-on bag just got smart or should I say super smart.

The features on this luggage are out of this world. You can track it, alerts of distance, it has a scale that lets you know the weight, it charges your phone, automatic digital lock, trip itineraries, travel stats. hand-iphone

My initial worries were going through the airport check and the battery.

On the airport check they have definitely solve that issue. The bag is TSA, FAA, and DoT compliant. On the battery is another case. Many companies have the same issue. Like the apple I-phone exploding and the infamous hover board cases. This doesn’t happen to all them but it seems like we are playing Russian roulette with these products. Bluesmart_Logo

The best part of the bag is the price only $399. Wow! You got to love it. Perfect.

I will definitely get one and if I ever get a chance I would invest in this company. Check out their CrunchBase profile here.

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