With all the noise that goes on in a live show guitar tuners have been life savers.

Now for the most part their all the same. Some give you extra options like choosing the mode. Now Roadie has really outdone all the rest. They claim you can tune your guitar in seconds. All you need is an I phone and their device that will automatically turn the pegs to the exact tuning you pre-choose. How awesome is that? All the guitar players no matter at what level they are at will love this gadget. Is so simple and effortless you just can’t go wrong with this one.  It even lets you know when is time to replace your strings and unwinds them for you.

Roadie (8)


I would immediately run out and get one but their only taking pre-orders now. The pre-order price of $79.00 is more than worth it. I guess is worth the wait if it can actually deliver on those promises.

Roadie (17)


Wow look how small it is.

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