Anki has done it again.

Now I thought Overdrive was a hard act to follow, but Cozmo, their second product is amazing. They claim He’s gifted with a mind of his own and has a personality that likes to hang out and have fun. He has super powers that allowed him to learn; he plots and plans. He’s almost human; Cozmo emotions go from curious to clever, persistent to playful, little MR. x10. Check out the video below to see how he was build and what he is really able to do.

O.K. maybe the claims they make are a little too much. I guess we’ll have to wait for the upgrades to catch up with their claims. It is still an awesome toy that any grown up would love to have.

More amazing than the toys Anki is releasing is the budget they got to work with. They have raised 157.5 million from 7 investors over 3 years. Is the AI business getting out of hand? Check out their crunchbase profile for more details here.

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