How's it going? Welcome! I’m Milton Ayala, I started my first company @ 19, with some success I have build a few after that age, all which I no longer own. These days I’m working on Rack up Skills, CubiCuts and Kickass Name, along with great people. I’m having a blast in all aspects of the internet business. I’m especially enjoying the new skills I develop as we build and grow the platforms. When I’m not working I enjoy swimming, playing guitar, a good book, spending time with family and friends.

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My Work Flow

  • Imagine
  • Research
  • Create
  • Test
  • Run with it

Some of My Skills

  • Home Improvement (80%)
  • Music (90%)
  • Creative (85%)
  • A+ (95%)
Home ImprovementMusicCreativeA+
  • Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting 80%
  • Logic Pro, Reason, Waves, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums 90%
  • Premiere, After Effects, Photo Shop, MS Office, HTML, Word Press 85%
  • Installing, repairing, troubleshooting, maintaining, customizing and operating PCs 95%
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